Who we are
Simply, we are engineers. The Code Shark is a development, design and hosting company located in Connecticut. We are committed to engineering fully functional web content management systems (CMS) at affordable pricing. We take pride in developing an application that exceeds your vision of what your website can be.
About the owners
The Code Shark was started in 2011 by Darrin Jacques and Jeff Pallette. Darrin and Jeff have been collaborating on software projects for years and started The Code Shark concentrating on web development and design.
Darrin Jacques
A Wolcott, Ct. native, Darrin has over 25 years experience in the electronics industry with the last 12 years concentrating on Software Engineering in the private sector. Engineering and problem solving has always been the focus during his career. Darrin has studied engineering, electronics and software development.
Jeff Pallette
Jeff was born and raised in the Silicon Valley so technology has been a way of life for Jeff his entire life. He graduated from San Jose State University with a degree in Computer Science and is the Chief Technology Officer at The Code Shark. Jeff has over 20 years expeience as a Software Engineer most notibly working at several startups during the dot com boom in the '90s.